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 			<p>This document explains how <a href="/">Luan</a> differs from <a href="">Lua</a> as described in the <a href="">Lua 5.3 Reference Manual</a>.</p>
-			<h2>Contents</h2>
+			<h2 margin-top="1em">Contents</h2>
-			<p><a href="#intro">Introduction</a></p>
+			<div margin-bottom="1em"><a href="#intro">Introduction</a></div>
-			<p>
+			<div margin-bottom="1em">
 				<a href="#basic">Basic Concepts</a>
 					<li><a href="#types">Values and Types</a></li>
@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@
 					<li><a href="#gc">Garbage Collection</a></li>
 					<li><a href="#coroutines">Coroutines</a></li>
-			</p>
+			</div>
-			<p>
+			<div margin-bottom="1em">
 				<a href="#lang">The Language</a>
 					<li><a href="#lex">Lexical Conventions</a></li>
@@ -48,17 +48,17 @@
-			</p>
+			</div>
-			<h2><a name="intro">Introduction</a></h2>
+			<h2 margin-top="1em"><a name="intro">Introduction</a></h2>
 			<p>Lua is one of the simplest languages available, but Luan is even simpler.  This means Luan removes more than it adds.  Most of what is added is added in the library, not in the language itself.</p>
 			<p>Luan is implemented in Java and is tightly integrated with Java.  This makes it an excellent scripting language for Java.</p>
-			<h2><a name="basic">Basic Concepts</a></h2>
+			<h2 margin-top="1em"><a name="basic">Basic Concepts</a></h2>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="types">Values and Types</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="types">Values and Types</a></h3>
 			<p>Luan does not have the Lua <i>thread</i> type.  Luan add a <i>binary</i> type that Lua doesn't have.  This is because Lua strings can represent binary while Luan strings cannot.</p>
@@ -72,49 +72,49 @@
 			<p>The Luan <i>table</i> type is just like its Lua equivalent, but implemented in Java.</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="env">Environments</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="env">Environments</a></h3>
 			<p>Luan has an <tt>_ENV</tt> which is like its Lua equivalent.  However Luan has no global environment at all, no <tt>_G</tt>.</p>
 			<p>Every module is initialized with two local functions: <tt>require</tt> and <tt>java</tt>.  The module then uses these functions to get access to whatever else it needs.</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="error">Error Handling</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="error">Error Handling</a></h3>
 			<p>Luan has the functions <tt>error</tt> and <tt>pcall</tt> but does not have <tt>xpcall</tt>.  Luan adds the function <tt>try</tt> which looks and acts like try-catch blocks in other languages.</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="meta">Metatables and Metamethods</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="meta">Metatables and Metamethods</a></h3>
 			<p>to document later...</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="gc">Garbage Collection</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="gc">Garbage Collection</a></h3>
 			<p>Luan uses Java garbage collection.  Luan has no special garbage collection methods.</p>
 			<p>Luan does not yet have weak tables but this will be added.</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="coroutines">Coroutines</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="coroutines">Coroutines</a></h3>
 			<p>Luan does not have coroutines.  Coroutines is a complex concept that isn't needed in a simple language, so it was left out.</p>
-			<h2><a name="lang">The Language</a></h2>
+			<h2 margin-top="1em"><a name="lang">The Language</a></h2>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="lex">Lexical Conventions</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="lex">Lexical Conventions</a></h3>
 			<p>Unlike Lua, Luan generally considers the end of a line to be the end of a statement.  This catches errors and encourages readability.  The exception to this is in paranthesis ( <i>(...)</i>, <i>[...]</i>, and <i>{...}</i> ) where the end of line is treated as white space.</p>
 			<p>Luan has exactly the same set of keywords as Lua and has the same other lexical conventions.</p>
-			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="stmt">Statements</a></h4>
+			<h3 margin-top="1em"><a name="stmt">Statements</a></h3>
 			<p>Most statements in Luan are the same as Lua.  Only those statements that differ will be listed here.</p>
-			<h5 margin-top="1em"><a name="control">Control Structures</a></h5>
+			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="control">Control Structures</a></h4>
 			<p>The Luan <b>if</b>, <b>while</b>, and <b>repeat</b> statement are the same as in Lua except that the condition expression must return a boolean value.  Any other value type will produce an error.  This helps catch errors and makes code more readable.</p>
 			<p>Luan does not have a <b>goto</b> statement.</p>
-			<h5 margin-top="1em"><a name="for">For Statement</a></h5>
+			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="for">For Statement</a></h4>
 			<p>Luan has no numeric <b>for</b> statement.  Luan only has generic <b>for</b> statement.  Instead of the numeric <b>for</b> statement, Luan uses the <tt>range</tt> function in a generic <b>for</b> statement like this:</p>
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
-			<h5 margin-top="1em"><a name="logical">Logical Statements</a></h5>
+			<h4 margin-top="1em"><a name="logical">Logical Statements</a></h4>
 			<p>Unlike Lua, Luan allows <b>or</b> and <b>and</b> expressions to be stand-alone statements.  This is useful in cases like this:</p>